I'm a photographer based in Oakland, CA. I was born in Asuncion, Paraguay, and spent my early youth in San Jose, CA. I then moved to a small island in Washington state, living on a farm and "off the land" as they say. I'm convinced much of my subject matter is rooted in my early experiences there. Full circle, I recently returned to California, in all its iconic splendor. Since then I've logged many miles on road trips rediscovering the golden state and the west. I also document the urban landscape, particularly Oakland with its rich history and rapid change.

My visual pursuits center around my love of the road trip. Objects in isolation and the swiftly changing landscape are a continual draw for me. Distinct local architecture and "unintentional" art as a practical matter. How do things end up apart from the rest, abandoned to time? How will we adapt to rapid environmental changes? I am also interested in California as a destination for escapists of all sorts; dreamers, thrill-seekers, hermits, outlaws, carpetbaggers, swindlers. A bittersweet mecca for many, I also capture portraiture of interesting characters in small towns or the action packed life of urban dwellers. 

My goal is straightforward. To make images that evoke feeling. When I relate to a photograph, I want to visit that place or know those people, to understand more about it. This is a special quality of photography.