"The world is it's own magic."  - Shunryu Suzuki

I consider it a challenge to take 'boring' objects and bring out their personality or voice. I like to take what are considered ordinary events, and extract something unique from the scene.   Frequent subjects for consideration include: rust, soot, chrome, radiance, open plains, lonely buildings, revealing portraits, craftsmanship, the workforce, old signs, corroded and oxidized metals, elegant product design, geometric architecture, the city bustle, candid human moments, lush meadows, old trucks and cars, small towns, interesting characters.  

My goal is straightforward. To make images that evoke feeling. When I relate to a photograph, I want to visit that place or know those people, to understand more about it. This is a special quality of photography.

 In a world of endless distractions vying for our attention, my aim is to provide clients with compelling images that provoke thought and emotion.